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sustainable power sources for the planet

We wholeheartedly care about every aspect of the biomass sector and renewable energy solutions. From starting out and establishing the basis of the project to project supervision and documentation, We are all about transforming to better alternative in health and environment. 


Ride towards a cleaner future. Ride towards healthy future.

Lemas Solar

Enjoy the energy which is sourced at 0% pollution & waste.


Bring home the light through which nature also smile.

EV charger

An initiative towards less pollution and more electric usage.

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Renewable energy at its best use

We are based in Mumbai, we are one stop & shop for green energy, offering our services to individuals, household, buildings and infrastructure and environment. Why green energy? All energy stand different with benefits but green energy provides additional benefits which no other energy can or will be able to provide and that is it have big environmental benefits along with major savings in the ever rising cost of energy.

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Renewable energy we provide


New technological lights with environmental friendly.


E-Bike bicycle and scooty for sales


Solar Panel Installation and Consultation

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I installed solar energy in my home village and now i am always relaxed when i think of going back to my village. Mr.Biju has been amazing guide in providing my house with solar energy.

Arjun Kumawat Client

There is always light problem in my area. As i met lemas group, they guided me to use lights which are energy efficient and full of new-age technology. Now i am happy with my lights at home.

Shivani shinde Client

I always love cycling but due to my health condition i could not go beyond a limit. Them i heard of Watt-E-Bike and brought one bike home and now i use their ebikes to office and for my daily work.

Rosy Fernandes Client

    Being green is remaining clean

    India is the 4th most attractive country on renewable energy index globally.

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