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About Lemas

Lemas Group is based in Mumbai, with having expertise in solar equipment, renewable energy system, inverter lights, lantern, along with all lighting solution filled with latest technology and custom built design according to consumer’s needs and requirement. With us there is no limit for imagination or limitation to full fill consumer’s desire.

Pollution has a very deep impact on our health and one thing leads to another. As our initiative we started with solar panels, providing it to buildings and individual homes where the source of energy is sun, the natural and independent form of energy. Then we added LED lights with new technology. All LED lights are/can be customized according to the need, the best advantage is that it won’t harm the eye and will brighten up the house like never before. EV charging is becoming popular as electric cars are being brought on the roads, Now you don’t have to relay on a particular place to charge but can do it from your home. As the most recent addition electric bikes which are healthy and great way to stay fit.

Few of the products in which we delight are mono/poly crystalline series and SPV modules of different capacities & street lights, tube lights LED, Down lights, Table fan & solar/rechargeable LED bulbs, tube lights with back up.

Our Mission

At our solar company, our mission is to revolutionize energy consumption by providing sustainable and efficient solar solutions. We aim to empower communities with clean energy, reducing their carbon footprint and dependence on traditional power sources. Through innovation and integrity, we strive to create a brighter and greener future for generations to come.

Our Vission

Envisioning a world powered by renewable energy, our solar company’s vision is to lead the transition to a sustainable energy landscape. We aspire to be the catalyst for change, inspiring individuals and businesses to embrace solar power as a mainstream and eco-friendly energy source. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, we aim to contribute to a planet where clean energy is the norm.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone. We are committed to designing and implementing cutting-edge solar solutions that not only meet but exceed the energy needs of our customers. Through continuous research and development, we strive to enhance the efficiency and affordability of solar technology, making it a viable and attractive option for individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide.

CEO’s Message


As CEO of Lemas, I’m thrilled to lead our mission in advancing clean energy solutions. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is unwavering. We’re dedicated to empowering communities with solar solutions, fostering a greener future. Thank you for joining us in our journey towards a brighter, eco-friendly world.